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1.3.19 - Happy New Year


Happy New Year!


We at CapCell hope that you took some time with family and friends to relax, reflect on the past year, and get excited for 2019. 2018 was a big year for CapCell and we have big plans for the next 362 days! As excited as we are for 2019 this is also a good time to remember that while we can all take vacation time the patients we are working for never stop contending with Fabry Disease and so we must never stop working towards better solutions.

I want to spend this post talking about CapCell’s values and how we are working to be a patient oriented organization.

One of the first actions we took while forming the company was to bring on Cynthia Frank as our Patient Advocacy Advisor. Cynthia is a patient advocacy veteran with greater than 20 years experience with the National Gaucher Foundation and is herself a patient. Cynthia, as the head of our patient advisory board, will act as our primary liaison with the patient community and patient advocacy groups, and will advise us on patient needs and priorities based on her personal and professional experience. We are very proud to have her on the CapCell team!

CapCell was founded on the idea that a patient’s disease should not limit their ability to live a full and invigorating life. CapCell was founded on the idea that a patient’s treatment should expand their freedom - not constrain it. We are going to continue to keep patient needs at the center of our business as we build CapCell.

Wishing all of you the very best in the New Year.

Benjamin Young