CapCell Biologics
Implants to treat rare disease

News 12.12.18 Hello World

Hello world


My name is Benjamin Young and as the CEO of CapCell Biologics I am really excited to be writing this first post to connect with patients, researchers, the biotechnology community in New York City and you!

CapCell Biologics is a grant phase biotechnology company developing medical implants to treat rare diseases. Started by two Columbia University grad students and leveraging technology originally developed at NASA, CapCell aims to completely change how we treat enzyme deficiencies by eliminating the need for costly and inconvenient clinic visits. CapCell is partnered with the New York Space Alliance, Weill Cornell Medicine, and the Founder Institute NYC, and is committed to developing biotechnology and healthtech in New York City.

We are also one of the selected companies to participate in the New York City sponsored healthcare accelerator ELabNYC, so you can expect some exciting updates from us in the near future.

You can also expect to receive updates about our growing team, exciting research mile stones, bios on our team of advisors, and – for those so inclined – our fundraising journey, as we work together to build the future of healthcare.

So many thanks to our partners and the patient community for their support. I’m looking forward to keeping you all up to date as we learn and grow together.

-Benjamin Young
CapCell Biologics, Inc.