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Implants to treat rare disease

CapCell Biologics

CapCell Biologics is developing implants to treat rare disease.


Cell encapsulation technology will change healthcare as we know it.

Right now, scientists can create cells that produce different medicines. One use of these cells is to implant them into patients so they can produce that medicine right in the body. Diabetics would receive cells producing insulin, Fabry patients would get cells that produce a-gal A, people who are lactose intolerant would receive cells for lactase; the list goes on and on.

The problem has been our immune system. It doesn’t understand that these cells are there to help - it just sees a foreign invader and attacks them. Cell encapsulation solves that problem by protecting the cells from your immune system while still allowing interaction with the rest of your body. The technology to do this has been in development for a while now, and it’s about to become a reality.

CapCell Biologics is positioned to be at the forefront of this breakthrough. We’re currently engineering cells for patients with Fabry disease, a rare enzyme deficiency that’s currently treated with hours-long infusions every 2 weeks. We’re also in talks with NASA to use their technology to make the capsules.

There’s lots of potential with this method. Any disease that requires regular infusions (such as Crohn’s, colitis, and diabetes) could be treated with cell encapsulation. Additional diseases that could be treated include Parkinson’s, other enzyme deficiencies like Gaucher and Pompe disease, and even cancer.

For a first-hand look at how NASA is planning to use this technology, view the video to the right. It features the inventor of the capsule technology, Dr. David Loftus of Ames Research Center in California.

We are a grant-stage biotechnology startup, which means it’s still early days. Sign up below for updates on our progress, or contact us using the information to the right if you’d like to speak with us directly. CapCell Biologics is based in New York City but is already working throughout the United States, India, Spain, and Japan.

Check back often as the site will be regularly updated in the coming weeks and months.

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